Travel Tips – Introduction

They say that the world is getting smaller every day. As planes fly faster and further, trains bullet along at speeds un thought of just twenty years ago it is easy to believe that this is true. But it doesn’t matter how much time you have to spend traveling or how much money you have to spend there will always be places you haven’t seen that will amaze you, new people who will bring you joy and pleasure and foods and traditions to experience. So for all it’s smaller size the world and its people will always have the ability to offer you something new!But every trip you make needs a set of decisions to be made – where to go, when to go, how much to spend, how long to stay, what should we take with us, do I need a visa or not and so it goes on. Sometimes these decisions can make the planning of a wonderful trip a bit of a nightmare. This Accommodation near travel tips page is here to help take the tedium out of this planning and to help make you trip that much more pleasurable.The trip of a lifetime can be destroyed by some simple little thing that we forgot or didn’t know to do. Ever tried buying an aspirin in a country that has no English speakers and all the labels are in Pharsi? That headache that just won’t go away can make a wonderful day out in an ancient undercover market seem like time in hell!To help overcome those simple mistakes and to offer you some very particular information on a wide array of travel issues we have compiled this list of Travel Tips to help make your trip of a lifetime a “Trip of a Lifetime!”In the coming days new sections will offer information on:
Selecting your Destination
Getting Organised
Getting your Ticket
Finding a Place to Stay
Air Travel
Health & Safety

Other stuff not covered to date

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